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Global reach with local perspective

Oshiro Associates provides private investors and their families with a prudent approach to financial management. We present clients with an experienced guide to global markets and access to high quality wealth solutions.

Whilst we appreciate that financial results are perhaps the primary reason for embarking on financial strategy, we also understand that sophisticated investors respond to the value created as a result of a customized experience.

Exceeding client expectations

At Oshiro Associates we are dedicated to combining superior financial performance with first class client care services. As client and adviser we work towards creating investment solutions by utilizing rigorous investment evaluation in consideration of client preferences.

Only when we have developed a deep understanding of our client are we able to create strategies based on a custom selection criteria that seeks to form the basis of a unique, client-specific investment profile.

A comprehensive wealth solution

The administrative burden of cross-border investment and the changes to regulation of tax positioning throughout various jurisdictions is a time consuming practice that demands a professional approach. On top of proactive investment services and tax efficient strategies, Oshiro Associates present clients with a comprehensive approach to wealth management that ensures wealth is preserved and the use of capital is optimized.

Our comprehensive wealth solution takes the responsibility and rigours of investment away from clients leaving them safe in the knowledge that their financial affairs are under the constant surveillance of a dedicated team of financial professionals.

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We help clients to realise their wealth creation goals by helping them to identify and achieve meaningful financial milestones as they evolve through the stages of life.

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