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Maintain the spending power of cash

Sophisticated investment policy dictates that assets are distributed across classes to optimize the efficiency of wealth. Standard practice in this instance assumes that the rational investor maintains a portion of his or her capital in liquid, cash form. Whilst we at Oshiro Associates advocate such practices, we also believe that cash can also be used to generate value over short-term positioning.

Managing cash-based liquidity

It is often said that cash must remain liquid in case of a rainy day. Whilst this holds a lot of truth, Oshiro Associates money management strategies present clients with the opportunity to maintain absolute cash liquidity with the upside of generating value until the cash is utilized for other purposes.

Oshiro Associates cash management services capitalize on short, medium and long-term opportunities, with time horizons categorized between three months and 2 years. Investors of cash management are rewarded with fixed or variable rates, ultimately dependent on the maturity date of each investment.

By the very nature of cash management structures, the window of opportunity from one to the next is often short. The money management team here at Oshiro Associates is constantly on the lookout for opportunities in the short-term bond markets and are attracted only by selected issuers, institutional certificates of deposit and corporate treasury bills.

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