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Investment Management

Spreading the risk of investment to increase returns

Oshiro Associates investment management services seek to split investment capital across a range of non-correlating assets in accordance to the risk and potential return of each selected asset class.

Our specialized portfolio managers work closely with clients to ascertain a tolerance towards risk before constructing a customized asset allocation policy that considers the individual preferences of each client under management. As the relationship evolves, the portfolio manager is responsible for maintaining the underlying portfolio balance as markets fluctuate and personal circumstances change.

Flexible, innovative solutions

The Oshiro Associates investment management professionals are specialized across a range of asset classes and investment products. Using each client as a unique case, we develop investment solutions based on individual circumstances to deliver a customized investment structure that addresses the needs and preferences of each client under management.

Why use Oshiro Associates investment management services?


  •  Access institutional level investments
  •  Discover innovative asset preservation strategies
  •  Leverage upon our risk-adjusted approach
  •  Specialist investment services to position assets offshore
  •  Benefit from our contemporary research, analysis and insight
  •  Bespoke investment solutions delivered by a dedicated team of experts
  •  Unparalleled levels of client care and customer service

Money management

Maximise the use and efficiency of liquid assets over short-term positions.

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ETF management

Simplistic, transparent Index tracked and ETF fund management.

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