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A roadmap to your success

At Oshiro Associates we take the time to understand our clients and their reasons for embarking on a financial management strategy. Our client-centric approach remains at the centre of our decision making as we tailor wealth solutions around the unique circumstances of each client under our management.

Only when we have created a clear picture of your future are we able to develop strategies to realize the vision in the most efficient way possible. Our professionals will consider every aspect of the wealth solution as they address saving targets, insurance needs and tax implications on investment returns.

Once a plan is in place we begin to execute the strategy under consideration of client capabilities and their tolerance towards risk, which is proactively monitored over time to make sure that the strategy maintains its course irrespective of market conditions.

Our client-centric process

Determine your goals - We work closely with clients to develop an understanding of their financial aspirations and help them to identify a series of goals as they progress through the course of their lives.

Analyse your potential - We believe that the client experience is critical to sustaining success. As such we analyse the financial potential of each client to maintain a level of commitment within the confines of available resources.

Strategy presentation - Ultimately we want you to be comfortable with your decision to invest with us. We present a number of strategies; each taking a different path to success with different outcomes as the strategies evolve. We believe that by providing a choice, clients are able to remain in control of their financial destiny.

Implementation - On reaching a decision, we begin to implement your strategy in the most cost efficient manner possible.

Monitor and manage - Proactive management ensures that your strategy remains on track regardless of movements in the market or changes to your personal circumstance.

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We help clients to realize their wealth creation goals by helping them to identify and achieve meaningful financial milestones as they evolve through the stages of life.

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