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Fixed Income

Stabilising portfolio components

Incorporating fixed income components as part of a diversified portfolio presents the strategy with a guaranteed stability that works to off-set the potential losses of an underperforming asset position elsewhere as part of the portfolio. Fixed income vehicles are medium to long-term investments that present the potential for balanced growth under reduced levels of risk assumed in comparison with other asset classes.

Diversified fixed income strategies

Our fixed income specialists utilize their expertise to analyse opportunities across leading sectors and key geographies. Our range of fixed income strategies capitalize on a diversified approach to sourcing fixed income potential across Europe, Northern America, Asia and selected emerging markets.

Our fixed income expertise is focused on the following;

  •  Mortgage-backed
  •  Inflation-linked
  •  Government bonds
  •  Investment grade corporate
  •  Structured finance
  •  High yield

Integrated approach to research

In pursuit of quality fixed income products follow a multidisciplinary research process to enhance identification and decision making. Our analysis considers the wider market to include equity related performance that often presents a deeper understanding of the issuers' capital fundamentals in line with economic forecasting on the micro and macro level, and the effects currency fluctuations are likely to create over the duration of a stress-tested period.

Investment management

Split investment capital across a range of non-correlating asset classes.

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Money management

Maximise the use and efficiency of liquid assets over short-term positions.

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