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For investors who choose to dedicate capital through Exchange Traded Funds, the ETF Management services at Oshiro Associates can be utilized to ensure that the right fund is selected to deliver results in line with the individual needs and preferences of each client.

We provide clients with a global range of simple, transparent and secure ETF products from traditional Index Tracked Funds to more comprehensive funds dedicated to diversified asset allocation.

Index-Tracked Funds

Index-Tracked Funds generally consist of select assets from a particular index such as the UK's FTSE. The intention of such a fund is to participate across a diverse range of assets in an attempt to mitigate the downside risk of investing in individual assets whilst promoting the chances of outperforming the benchmark index.

Investors of Index-Tracked Funds also benefit from reduced management fees as the costs are spread across each participant. Given these characteristics, Index-Tracked Funds presents the investors with a cost efficient solution to diversified investing over the medium to long-term.

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

Whilst ETFs are similar in structure to Index-Tracked Funds they have the added ability to be traded on the open market similar to the way equities are bought and sold. ETF trading can transact in real time making such funds a useful component within a diversified portfolio.

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