Equity Investment

Capitalize on value-based equity investments

Oshiro Associates presents an equity investment proposition that seeks to capitalize on a number of equity market strategies, in both the traditional and innovative form. We help clients to diversify their potential by participating through equity placements situated in Europe, North America, Asia and key emerging markets.

Absolute returns derived from value investing

Whilst we do not restrict equity considerations to industry or location, our investment focus is value based as we endeavour to deliver absolute returns on investment over the medium and into the long-term. In this regard our analysis is detached from a herd mentality where markets are speculative and recommendations are based on little more than trend.

Instead, we position capital in well managed companies that have continuously demonstrated their ability to adapt to changes in the economy and execute strategy within the constraints of what we believe is acceptable debt/capital efficiency. Often, such companies fall below the radar of Wall Street analysis and are perhaps less household in terms of public awareness.

It is for reasons such as these that we are keen to locate and invest in such opportunities as we believe they present our clients with the best possible upside on their returns over the medium and into the long-term.

Fixed income

A diversified range of risk-adjusted fixed income vehicles.

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Investment management

Split investment capital across a range of non-correlating asset classes.

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