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About Us

Diversified financial services

Oshiro Associates is a diversified financial services firm headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The firm is proud to serve a dynamic client base comprised of private investors, professional financial consultants, institutions and private equity partners. As a boutique provider of financial services and wealth management solutions, Oshiro Associates has earned a reputation for solid performance through a deep understanding of the fundamentals that drive global financial markets.

Experts in a range of financial disciplines

Successful portfolio management is reliant on the quality of diversification and the strategic allocation of assets. At Oshiro Associates, our professionals are our most important assets. As such, our high quality professional assets are individually specialized in specific financial disciplines yet are collectively efficient as they function as a consolidated team to deliver customized, value based financial solutions for our clients.

We believe that by utilizing the expertise of professionals from a range of financial disciplines, we are better equipped as a firm to overcome the complex challenges our clients face under the present economic conditions. We seek to understand client-specific circumstances and act upon solutions that we, as a team, believe will be of most benefit to client wellbeing.

The financial wellbeing of clients

We are focused on developing longstanding client relationships made possible through sustainable performance as financial professionals and through client care services that ensures the wealth of clients is built year on year.

Our main priority is to deliver a fulfilling client experience based on transparency, objectivity and integrity. Our comprehensive suite of financial services are customized to deliver a client-specific solution with a high degree of personal consideration to the wishes, needs and aspirations of each client under our care.

Only when we are able to deliver on these intentions are we satisfied that our clients are receiving the best possible service.

Operational excellence

A culture fostered through the belief that our success, and that of our clients, is the result of business values that promotes transparency, encourages innovation and rewards excellence.

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How we work

Working closely with clients, we take time to understand their financial needs as we develop custom built strategies around their unique needs and circumstances.

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